The Art of
Story Telling
Storytelling is a way of communicating ideas and information persuasively using stories. It is a powerful tool, which creates a stronger connect with the audience and a better recall of the communication. No wonder, the wisdom of ages was conveyed through stories.

Storytelling can be used in the corporate world with amazing results:


Salespeople can use storytelling to illustrate the benefits of a product or service and help potential customers understand how it can solve their problems.

Leadership and management

Leaders can use storytelling to inspire and motivate their teams, as well as to communicate their vision and strategy.

Corporate culture

Companies can use storytelling to communicate their values, history, and culture to employees, helping to build a strong sense of community and shared purpose.

“Storytelling is the oldest art form on earth, and it remains the most powerful way to put ideas into the world.”
- Robert McKee

We are pleased to present this seminar covering the following aspects:

The elements of a good story

Storytelling structure

Identifying your purpose

Delivery techniques

Speaker Profile

Bhanumathi Cousik (Bhanu)

is an experienced professional, having handled various roles in the field of Customer Service and Sales. She has an extensive experience of 22 years in the banking industry. Out of the total experience of 31.5 years, she has had 18+ years of experience in the field of training and Executive coaching.

She started her career in 1989 in Grindlays followed by ANZ. She has handled Service, Sales, Process Improvements, Training, Coaching – Cards and Banking in Standard Chartered Bank (SCB), South. As Service Quality and Sales Head (UAE process), she managed customer experience for the SCB UAE Operations. She has handled projects on process migration and mentoring teams to adapt to change. She was instrumental in developing the Customer and Coaching Interaction Cycle for each of the processes in the UAE Operations, which was the guideline for formulating the coaching methodology. She implemented “Day 1 readiness” Training module for new joiners. Her roles included handling large teams in Service, Sales, Training, Coaching and leading a team.

She has a certification in Behavioral Training from Oscar Murphy International, Singapore (OMi), International Trainers Academy Certification (ITA) in Leadership, Customer Service and Sales and is an NLP practitioner in her coaching roles and behavioral trainings. Her consultancy work includes executive coaching and grooming team members for Sales and Service performance and steering team performance towards a common objective. Her programs are made impactful through use of activities, videos, thought provoking questions, stories and lectures that encourage participants to be the change in their thinking, behavior and attitude.

Other Information

Seminar Date:

08th February 2023


03:30 pm to 05:00 pm IST

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Jayashree : +91 96770 00651

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