Intelligence Mastery

“As much as 80% of adult success comes from EQ.”

- Daniel Goleman

Seminar Coverage

Know Yourself

Noticing what you feel and do

Being More Purposeful

Doing it for a reason

Being More Intentional

Doing what you mean

Q & A Session

At the end of this seminar the participants will have an awareness on how they can work themselves towards emotional mastery.

Speaker Profile

Mr. Manoj Kumar

Comes with over 22+ years of experience in Coaching, Counselling and Training with a single-minded objective of helping individuals evolve to their finest self. He brings the latest development and advances in psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral science to help people tap their incredible inner potential and soar to new heights of success and fulfilment. His approach to training is ‘Inside-Out’ approach and believes that to bring about deeper change we need to dive deeper into one’s mind. 
It involves uncovering one’s inner drives, paradigms and deeply held belief system. He loves researching on topics like neuroscience, Emotional well- being, 
Body – Mind Connection, psychology of learning etc. 
He deeply believes in continuous self-improvement. He has a scientific mindset, and his role model is Charles Darwin.

Other Information

Seminar Date:

22nd December 2022


03:30 pm to 05:00 pm

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Jayashree : +91 96770 00651

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