WINTEG is a responsible organization and takes it CSR very seriously. Jointly with various NGOs and social service organizations or on our own we are into several initiatives to empower the needy in our society.

Some of the initiatives include:-

1. Entrepreneurship Development

This initiative is meant for people in the lower strata of society. Those who qualify for this scheme get an assistance to start their business. The recipients are not only given monetary help but they are also constantly monitored and guided to succeed in their business.

2. Education to All

This initiative is targeted towards the deserving but under privileged students. Students who are exceptional in their academics and show a track record of consistent performance are helped to pursue higher education. The students are also mentored accordingly so that they continue their track record of impressive performance and go on to become responsible members of society

3. Giving Direction

WINTEG is in touch with several orphanages in and around Chennai. The focus of this initiative is to help the inmates develop the inner strength to cope up with the unique challenges they face every day. Activities include counseling and guidance, medical camps and conducting special classes for students

4. Dignity & Grace

The elders of the society in the twilight of their lives should be made to feel important and they should die with dignity and grace. WINTEG is in touch with several old age homes in and around Chennai and the inmates are helped to cope up with the challenges they face on a daily basis. Activities include counseling and medical assistance

5. Clean & Green

The legacy we leave behind for our children is not only the money and estates but also the environment. This issue has snow balled to startling proportions and if some proactive initiative is not taken immediately, we would not be able to leave behind a good environment for our children. Initiatives include creating awareness among the masses and planting trees