Helping students face the adult world with confidence – fully equipped to excel in their careers. We also have training programs for teachers to transform them into role models and a source of inspiration for the students

WINTEG also provides training services to bridge the divide which exists between the academic and the corporate world. Thousands of students are churned out of the universities every year and they go on to get absorbed into their dream jobs.  The appalling fact is that a good percentage of the graduates do not possess the necessary skills to have a dream start to their careers. Many of them stumble at the campus interview stage itself.

WINTEG presents a wide repertoire of training programs to arrest this growing divide between the student world and the corporate world. Some of the training programs include:

School to Campus: This three day module is meant for the first students in college. The objective of this training is to help them develop responsibility while handling freedom, take charge of their lives, inculcate a sense of self direction and stay away from negative peer pressure.

Campus to Corporate: A ten day training program for the students who get placed in the campus interviews. This program helps the students to get an idea about the corporate world and it helps them get a head start in their careers.

Employability Skills: This five day intensive training program is meant for the students who are to appear for the campus interviews. Modules include interview etiquette, mock interviews, group discussions, communication skills, confidence building and general aptitude training

Leader in You: This twenty session training program is meant for the students to work on their personality and soft skills. This program makes the participants develop their confidence and helps them in self direction. Modules include attitudinal development, communication skills, public speaking skills, time management, confidence building, memory training, stress management and interpersonal communication

Communicate To Connect: This twenty session program is meant for students to work on their communication skills and help them get ready to face the challenges of the corporate world. Modules include English fluency, corporate & social etiquette, presentation skills and confidence building

Career Counseling: This one day workshop is meant for the students of tenth standard and plus two. This workshop includes psychometric profiling which helps the students understand their temperament, strengths and weakness and what streams they will be good at and what streams they have to avoid. This workshop gives the students and their parents the right perspective to take objective life decisions.