With a wide array of HR consulting services, we help organizations improve their efficiencies, align and structure their most important human resources towards productivity and profit

We provide consulting services spread across the entire HR value chain – starting from transactional services to strategy services. Our consultants have the right balance of experience and expertise and are known to provide simple and easy to manage solution.

HR Architecture
Architecting your People Management Function is highly critical to the organizational success, as people are the ultimate achievers. We offer services in the areas of:

HR Systems, Policies & Process Designing
Review, defining and redesign of the HR systems, policies and process to match with industry benchmarks. As an end to end consulting service, this project also helps you with the implementation of the redesigned system.

HR Audit
Regular audit programs for your HR function that help you understand the depth and breadth of the administration of your HR systems.

HR Process Solutions
We provides innovative and cost effective process support on the entire HR Process ranging from payroll, statutory compliances, learning management to overall HR strategy.

Competency Mapping
Using our unique competency mapping model, we help organizations to understand the gaps in the workforce competence. We define competence as a cluster of knowledge, skills and behavior. Our tools help you to understand the gaps in competence, at individual, team and at organizational levels. This elaborate approach with non-linear grading helps organizations to devise appropriate educational interventions to bridge the competency gap, thereby increasing the organizational competence.

For those who would prefer to have Hays model of competency mapping, we offer the same too.

Job Evaluation
We help organizations understand the role importance of their many levels of hierarchy using our unique job evaluation tool. We follow a non linear grading, entailing theoretical excellence.

For those who prefer other models, we offer Hays model of job evaluation as well.

Leadership & Management Grid Analysis – Organizational Cultural Analysis
We provide a full spectrum of consulting service to achieve positive organizational culture. An organization’s culture is determined by the personality and behavioral attributes of its core team leaders. While you have a successful organizational culture, to achieve even better culture and working environment, the best way is to address the change by making aptly positive changes to the behavioral attributes of your leaders. With the help of appreciative inquiry as the primary tool, we help organizations worldwide to achieve cultural transformation.

Organizational Restructuring
We help you design and/or redesign your organizational structure and hierarchy where roles take more prominence than designations. We help you flatten your organizations with a view to attain better organizational controls.

Employee Engagement Surveys
Our framework on employee engagement will help you move far past the conventional paradigms of employee satisfaction. Our surveys will help you achieve optimum employee engagement levels, at the same time ensuring work-life balance.

Balanced Score Card Consulting

Our Balanced Score Card experts will help you design an organizational balanced score card for you, and then cascade it down to divisional cards and individual cards at a Performance Management Level. We help you achieve organizational excellence, by focusing your attention at both a macro and micro level. The end objective of our BSC program is to help you achieve your ultimate organizational vision step by step.

Using the world renowned Kaplan & Norton Model, we help you achieve this objective by:

  • Defining a Leadership Vision, Mission, Values and Beliefs that act as the corner stone of your organizational success.
  • Devising the Strategy Map with inter linkages to help you understand the way to success.
  • Cascading your BSC to a Divisional Card and then to individual cards to be able to monitor the progress.
  • We help you integrate your BSC to popular software applications through technology integration. The BI tools include, but not limited to, Business Objects and Panorama

HR for SMEs

We also provide HR Consulting for the Small & Medium Enterprises (SME). The consulting can be done through three different models:

  • Consulting Model. The process starts with an HR audit. Then depending on the situation, needs and expectations of the management an HR policy document is framed and submitted to the client. The responsibility for implementation of the policy document rests with the client
  • Hybrid Model (Consulting + Implementation). This model is built upon the consulting model. The difference here is that the responsibility of implementation  and hand holding rests with WINTEG. A time frame for the same is agreed upon with the client and it usually spans over a period of three to six months.
  • Retainer Model. This model spans over several years. The entire HR department and its functioning is outsourced to WINTEG. We work closely with the client to set up a robust and a functional HR department. Considering the dynamism of today businesses, this model has proven to be effective and result oriented