Our Flagship Programs


This three-day workshop on leadership skills is designed for the middle managers. Modules include team building, leadership understanding and driving innovation at workplace. This workshop can also be conducted on a sustained impact basis with one session of four hours per week

The Power of One

This two day workshop focuses on team building and team work. The participants are taken through various activities and simulations to help them understand the dynamics of working in teams and also build high performance teams

Business Communication

This thirty six hour workshop on workplace communication skills is designed to help the participants overcome the communication challenges faced by them. This workshop is delivered through sustained impact model. Twelve sessions of three hours each are conducted either once or twice a week. Modules include English fluency, corporate etiquette, communication and presentation skills

Stress Management

This one day workshop on stress management is immensely successful and is well received by the participants. The participants are made to understand the effects of stress on their heart, body and mind. Various exercises drawn from the science of yoga &  varma and breathing practices are taught to the participants. One of the key take away of this workshop is a fifteen minute module to overcome stress

Trainer’s Peak

This two-day workshop on “Train the Trainer” is one of our very popular offering. Participants to this workshop include internal trainers and those aspiring to be trainers. It is a comprehensive workshop addressing the knowledge, skill and attitudes of training. Modules include content development, training design & delivery to trainer attributes

 WINTEG Leadership Course (WLC)

This twenty four hours (six sessions) workshop focuses on self development and personal mastery. The frequency of sessions is once every week. Being very intense and well thought about, this workshop brings about huge levels of transformation among the participants. Modules include communication skills, presentation skills, confidence building, self direction and attitudinal development

Electric Chair – a well known process with which, each position clarity is mapped with organization / individual expectations – and a productive working team is created

The Process is as follows

A group of 12 to 18 employees (of similar level) comes together, after the ice breaking sessions they discuss the following under the supervision of a trained mentor

  • What do they do currently on their rolls
  • What are they expected to do according to them
  • What they actually like to do
  • What does the colleagues expects them to do
  • What are the supports required if these expectations are to be met with

The processes are monitored and mentored to end up with a clear job clarity and deliverables for each position along with their authorities and responsibilities. This workshop also irons out the misunderstanding between the colleagues and allows each person to empathize with the other position

Mentoring and coaching – a two day workshop which will deal with the following

  • How to identify a mentor
  • Expectation from mentors – management and mentees
  • Practical difficulty faced by mentors
  • Process of mentoring
  • Difference between mentoring and coaching

Emotional Maturity
Two day work shop on emotional maturity – Brain works – controlling emotions and effect / ill effect of emotional outburst in organization set up – we also conduct a psychometric test on “behavior pattern in work place” as a part of the training program – counsel the inmates and give the result to the organization & the individuals

Job Description & Roll Clarity
A combination of MERCER and PWC – practically used in many MNCs – this program deals with the position importance in the organization level – authority and responsibility – deliverables (primary, supervisory and supportive) role in committees & deliverables, K P I and measuring the out puts – This effectively serves as a JD and KRA with a limited meaning.

K R A and Balance Score Cards
Rolling out of K R A – fixing up the measures, weightage, measurements after 6 months / one year – Bell curve, forced ranking system – four quadrants of B S C – linking the K P I with the bottom line of the organization – supporting the functions to develop KRA for the Head and the next level and train people to roll out the KRA to down levels.

Change Management
Essential aspects of change – why we oppose change – real change management – challenges and solutions – expectations from the management – why management wants these changes and effects / ill effects of these changes in real work situation – expectations from colleagues and peers – priorities.

Recruitment Skills for H R and Non H R people
Indentifying the success factors of each positions – measures to identify the success factors – how to measure the success factors – how to rate a candidate – activities to be done while screening the profile – before calling for interview – aspects to check during the interview – post interview evaluation – how to understand expectations of candidate – expectation management – making an offer – ensuring / evaluating the joining of candidate – fixing up his deliverables – selling the position to candidate and making an effective induction.

Assessment Centre
What is assessment centre – the applications – categorizing people into runners, auditors, thinkers and pillars – System, process& quality orientation – Leadership behavioural patterns – candidate profile for interview calling – integrity and competency of the candidate – evaluation for potential growth – reallocation of jobs as per their competencies – job rotation and lateral growth.